After the sonogram tech has decoded those fuzzy black-and-white images, the parents-to-be can finally answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind. Is it a boy or a girl? And what better way to share the news than with a party? A house full of friends and family, yummy snacks, and a pink or blue surprise. The only thing more exciting is actually having the baby!


Confetti Balloon Revealers

These giant 36" balloons give your gender reveal party a little flair and your reveal extra impact. When the balloon pops, beautiful pink or blue confetti flutters down, showering you and your guests with the sweet surprise.

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Confetti Push-Pops

Ready, set, POP! When it’s time for the big reveal, gather your guests and hand out these push-pops. Leave the caps on, and don’t hold back—a big push works best—then watch the blue or pink confetti fly!

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