After the sonogram tech has decoded those fuzzy black-and-white images, the parents-to-be can finally answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind. Is it a boy or a girl? And what better way to share the news than with a party? A house full of friends and family, yummy snacks, and a pink or blue surprise. The only thing more exciting is actually having the baby!


Confetti Balloon Revealers

These giant 36" balloons give your gender reveal party a little flair and your big reveal extra impact. When the balloon pops, beautiful, hand-cut pink or blue confetti flutters down, showering you and your guests with the sweet surprise.

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Confetti Poppers

Ready, set, POP!
It’s a . . .

When it’s time for the big reveal, gather your guests and hand out these poppers. Leave the caps on, and don’t hold back—a big push works best—then watch the blue or pink confetti fly!

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Volcano Revealers

Your guests will erupt in cheers when this volcano reveals the pink or blue surprise. And trust us—there’s no paper mache in sight. These 10.5" plastic bottles are shipped ready to display and use at your gender reveal party. When you’re ready for your reveal, just pour in the secret ingredient* and the lava will turn bright pink or vivid blue—but our special revealer concoction keeps everyone guessing until the big moment.

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