4th of July Celebrations - 2 Ways

What kind of 4th of July party or get together are you having this year? We've compiled two mood boards below for the festivities, depending on your style preferences. One is more casual, one more preppy. Either way, don't forget to add our NEW 4th of July Confetti Wands to your celebration!

Check out all of our Red-White-and-Blue style on our Pinterest Board.

 Links: STYLE:  frankieheartsfashion.com  // DECORATE:  Style Me Pretty  // CELEBRATE:  The Gender Reveal  // TABLE:  Martha Stewart  // SWEETS:  Unknown via Pinterest

Links: STYLE: frankieheartsfashion.com // DECORATE: Style Me Pretty // CELEBRATE: The Gender Reveal // TABLE: Martha Stewart // SWEETS: Unknown via Pinterest

 Links: STYLE:  Rantapallo.fi  // DECORATE:  lilluna.com  // CELEBRATE:  The Gender Reveal  // NOURISH:  Better Homes & Gardens  // SWEETS:  favcrafts.com

Links: STYLE: Rantapallo.fi // DECORATE: lilluna.com // CELEBRATE: The Gender Reveal // NOURISH: Better Homes & Gardens // SWEETS: favcrafts.com

NEW! 4th of July Confetti Wands

Gender Reveal parties with confetti have been so fun for us to work on we're starting a new line called "Celebrate by TGR"! This line will include themed and custom confetti wands. We're officially kicking it off with one of the best parties of the summer, 4th of July! Add some extra color and celebration with our new patriotic confetti wands.


Brea's Surprise

I love the surprised reaction of Brea & her husband in the video below... you can definitely tell they weren't expecting a little boy. We're so happy we could be a part of their big surprise.

Brea says:
"I just wanted to let you know that I sent the link of my husband and I shooting off the poppers! We would be over joyed if you decided to use it on your site. Best of luck, hopefully I will be reaching out to you for more poppers in the future. We also did the big balloon and more poppers with our family (we stood in the middle of the circle with the balloon and everyone was in a circle around us) so there was confetti everywhere and it was so fun. Everyone loved it and I can't say enough good things about your products! Thanks for such a memorable experience!"

Mandy & Chris... It's a girl!

We love this response the grandmother-to-be:

"...As you can tell by their faces, they had no idea what color was going to come out! I was the only one at the party that knew the gender, and being Grandma, it was very hard for me not to give it away before the reveal!

Thanks again for this great idea! First in our area to ever hear about much less use it at a reveal party. Everyone thought it was in the cupcakes....BORING! LOL Big, Big hit!"

Mandy & Chris - It's a girl!

Surprise! It's a BOY!

Congratulations to a very surprised Jordan on her baby BOY! These may be some of my favorite photos from the shirt mom is wearing to the surprised look on her face. So much fun!

Jordan says: "Thank you so much for the Gender Reveal Balloons!! It turned out wonderful! Everyone loved the idea. As you can see, I was very surprised!! :) Thank you for making our day a blast!!"


When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a gender reveal party (spoiler alert: he was a boy!). I wanted the party to be so special and so perfect. I already knew I was having a boy, but I wanted to tell my family and friends in a fun way. So we decided to tell them with cake.

I was too cheap to go to a bakery, so I made cupcakes at home and filled them with blue frosting myself. But I am NOT good at baking, so my cupcakes were crumbly and the frosting was sloppy, and I was nervous that the blue would show through. In the end, the reveal was fun, but I basically vowed I would never do that again.

Fast forward a couple of years. I was expecting my second child. Again, I wanted to do a gender reveal. Again, I knew what we were having (a girl this time!), but I wanted to announce it to my family at one time. But how to do it? I just didn’t want to go the cake route. My dad is diabetic, and watching him hold his cupcake at my first party and not get to bite into it like everyone else left something to be desired. What else could I do that didn’t involve food?

And then I thought of it: a volcano revealer. I set about figuring it out: what kind of bottle to use, precisely what to use to make the eruption, getting the color just right, and how to ensure no one could tell what was inside before the reveal. It took hours of testing and trying things out, but in the end it was so worth it. I loved seeing the looks of anticipation on my guests’ faces as they waited for the eruption. It was completely priceless.


There are a lot of skeptics who wonder why anyone would bother with a gender reveal party. I can’t speak for everyone, but my gender reveals were pretty special, especially my second. With my second baby, I didn’t have a baby shower. I was busy taking care of my toddler and working full time. I felt like I didn’t have time to slow down and breathe, much less think about my pregnancy. But the gender reveal party was my chance to really celebrate the pregnancy and celebrate the baby.

So why not just have a baby shower? Well, I didn’t really want or need a shower. Baby showers can become less about celebrating the baby and the growing family and more about getting the stuff--the sleepers and bibs and pacifiers and crib sheets and everything else a baby needs--and we already had PLENTY of that stuff.

I’ll never regret having my own gender reveal parties, and I am so lucky to have turned this into a business so I can help parents-to-be celebrate their own babies’ first big moments. And I am thrilled to announce that Steph and I are launching our own version of the volcano revealer in our Etsy shop. It is so cool, and we think our customers are going to love it. For a limited time only, use coupon code LAVALOVE for 10 percent off your volcano revealer order. Spread the word!

Danielle's Family: It's a Boy!

We love these photos of Danielle and her husband sharing their big reveal and being surprised at the same time. The photos definitely show off the couple's genuine excitement and joy. Here's what Danielle had to say:

"2 Years ago, we used a cake as our method of gender reveal. Two days ago, we used the balloon and it was nothing short of magical. I don't think any of us expected the balloon to catapult the confetti the way it did and the result was EPIC!!! You will not be disappointed by going this route. Thank you ladies!!"

Lindsay's Family: It's a Girl!

A couple month's ago we had the pleasure to provide Lindsay with some push-pops for her big gender reveal party. Let me tell ya, this girl knows how to throw a party. Every detail is absolutely beautiful. It's definitely worth a click-through to her website: Lindsay Arneson Creative (did I also mention she's a designer and photographer?).

Here are some beautiful photos taken at the event by Katie Lewis Photography:

 Push-pop display. 

Push-pop display. 

 The big reveal.  

The big reveal. 

 The aftermath. 

The aftermath.